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Content writing services.


Create and inform content with social media, email, and search engine marketing strategic frameworks

Content Writing

Use my extensive research and creative capabilities to logically organize your company’s message in any form


Ensure every sentence tells your story, shows off your brand, and exudes authority.

Who I Am

My name’s Chris Meyer and I’m based in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’m available for remote work worldwide and on-site work anywhere in the core Bay Area.

My business card says I’m a professional freelance content writer, but I aim to provide far more than a few keywords surrounded by 500 words of fluff.

I provide all the things you’d expect from a good freelance content writer: detailed research, creative angles, clear copy, and optimized content.

If that’s all you want, that’s awesome. For those of you who want a little more, I’ve trained myself in HTML and CSS to provide readers scannable formats for blog posts, emails, and eBooks. I’m a stickler for readability, down to the width of your paragraphs and the size of your headers.

I’m well-versed in Google Analytics. I’m certified in Google AdWords, and I can create custom event trackers to help you monitor performance for a large variety of actions on your website.

I’m happy to do a content audit for you to find out what needs work and what can be used again to make the best use of your existing content.

Even if you want the plug-and-chug variety of writer, you’ll benefit from my broad understanding of today’s marketing framework.

I’ve told you how fantastic I think I am. Find out if I can back it up (for free). Send me an email with the basic parameters of your project and I’ll write you a sample within a week.

What My Clients Are Saying

Megan Wells
SEO Content Strategist
Praetorian Digital

“I would recommend Chris. He is reliable and consistent with his work. I’ve worked with many freelancers that required extensive direction and attention. Chris can take the reins on a project and deliver quality work without total guidance. I greatly appreciate this skill set.”

Antonio Cala
The Adventure Junkies

“Great writing skills, good communication and easy to work with.”

Matt Makris
Co-Founder & Partner
EM Search Consulting

“The biggest challenge we face is finding a writer who can a) write quality content readers will find interesting, b) a good understanding of how search engine optimization (SEO) works and c) is reliable and meets deadlines. Chris fell into each of these categories which makes him a valuable asset to our team.”

Chris Hudson
Multimedia Designer
Waxie Sanitation Supply

“The main obstacle in hiring a freelance writer is the sheer amount of responses from the public claiming they have what it takes. After weeding through hundreds of responses, Chris Meyer was the clear voice we were looking for that could contribute SEO experience, organized thinking, and dependable quality.”