CM Business Writing

Combining the power of language and technology to engage, educate, and inspire.

Who I am.

Education and Experience

After graduating cum laude with degrees in English and Finance, I went to work in real estate.

I worked at Land Advisors Organization in residential land sales as a broker for two and a half years. During my time there I started writing web content.

Since then I’ve been published by Fast Company, Inman, Market InSite Advisors, Inside The Planet, among others.


My clientele includes small to medium-sized business including real estate developers, brokers, and home builders.

I also partner with web developers and search consultants to provide compelling and educational SEO content.

Regardless of the medium–case study, newsletter, eBook, or blog post, my goal remains the same: to attract prospects, convert leads, and close deals.


Content Writer

How I work.


1 You know your customers better than anyone. And I know where to find them on the web. That's why I like to learn about you and your business. You're the expert. I'm the writer. My job is to package your expertise to attract clients and convert prospects. The more I learn about you the more I can make your story come alive.


2I write by candlelight in dark places on stormy nights. Do not disturb me. Kidding. I'm a business writer, not Hemingway. I have my own ideas on how certain content should be written. But if you've got a prickly client who needs it written just so, I'm flexible. Even in creative shackles I make great work.


3 Revision is the hard work in writing. And I believe it should be collaborative. I welcome suggestions. But if you prefer to send your project my way and wipe your hands of it, I'll just send you the final product. Regardless, all my clients have the option to receive multiple revisions.