CM Business Writing

Combining technological literacy with content creation in a strategic framework
to tell my clients’ stories

Content Writing and Marketing Resume


I work with small businesses, real estate developers, brokers, and home builders to improve their internet marketing.

I also team up with web developers, search consultants, agencies, and content marketers to create content. I’ve written successful SEO content for many business blogs.

Whether it’s a case study, newsletter, eBook, or blog post, my goal remains the same: to attract prospects, convert leads, and close customers.

Current and past clients include:

  • Praetorian Digital
  • V9 SEO
  • Waxie Sanitation Supply
  • California Land Development
  • Land Advisors Organization
  • Gociety
  • EM Search Consulting
  • And more!

Who I am.


HTML/CSS (Typography)
Content Writing
Content Marketing Strategy
Javascript (Basic Web Applications)
Keyword Research (Paid and Organic)
Graphic Design

Featured in Fast Company, Inman Real Estate and Teal Magazine.


Content Writer

Content Writing Process


1 You know your customers better than anyone. And I know where to find them on the web. Dump as much information on me as you can muster. And prepare to be peppered with questions. Finding the right angle to approach a subject is as important as anything. I'll make sure we leave no stone unturned.


2Do you have a whole committee of stakeholders that need to approve each piece of content? Maybe you're a one-man shop with no time to spare for nitpicking. Most likely you're somewhere in the middle. I'll write outlines, full pieces, drafts, whatever we need to streamline the process.


3 I generally don't charge any extra for revisions. That's because my clients are repeat customers and it only takes a couple small projects (or one big one) for me to nail down my clients' desired style and voice. After that, it's smooth sailing and revisions are rarely substantial.