👋 Hi, I’m Chris Meyer.

I'm a freelance content marketing consultant.

I live in Berkeley, California, just a 15 to 80-minute drive to San Francisco (depending on traffic).

I provide both strategic and tactical content services to help digital marketers and founders achieve sustained growth for their businesses.

My clients are founders, product marketers, marketing executives, and digital marketing agencies

A few of their names are:

  • FORA Financial
  • The Mortgage Hub
  • ARC Document Solutions
  • One Trust Privacy Software
  • Hugo, Nium, and Bright

🚀 (Sick of reading about me? I promise I won't be offended if you just want to get your project started) 🚀

Why I’m Here

Even with all this technology, you and I both know that words can (and do) engage, delight, and motivate human beings.

We also know that they can bore, annoy, and confuse them.

What I love to do is search for those words, or images, or both, that engage, delight, and motivate.

I’ve loved to do that since I was scribbling limericks in my 5th grade class, crafting college admission essays, weaving short stories in creative writing classes.

But, hard-headed pragmatist that I am, I chose to study finance, and pursue a career in commercial real estate. Until I discovered this thing called content marketing.

As frustrated as I was to discover a previously unknown (to me) career after three years in real estate, I soon realized that my analytical skill wouldn’t go to waste.

Rather, it’d make me a far better marketer and content strategist.

Because today, with all this technology, we can use analytics and experiments to search for words that engage, delight, and motivate human beings.

And if you've been on a website lately, you know that people need help not just choosing the right words, but putting them where people can find them, making sure they're up-to-date, and a whole lot more.

Solving these problems is both an art and a science—and to me—it’s insanely fun.

Random Facts

  1. I played college tennis for the University of Hawaii and still compete today. Only now, I’m a weekend warrior.
  2. I write short stories for fun and I like to make bizarre connections to explain abstract concepts.

  3. I've competed in three triathlons and only gotten lost once.

  4. My writing has been published in Fast Company, Inman Real Estate, Business2Community, and Social Media Today.





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