B2B Tech Content Writing Services

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Content Creation Process

To understand how I'll expedite your content creation process from idea to final draft, read on.

Whether you need blogs, white papers, or case studies, the process will go something like this...

Ideation, Research and Outlining

You have an idea, or you ask me to help you come up with one. This idea should include, but isn’t limited to, the following content details and logistics:

  • The topic
  • The audience
  • A working title
  • The primary takeaway for readers
  • Approximate length of the piece
  • Planned promotion channels for the piece

I’ll start with preliminary research once we have an idea that’s baked to this point.

The aim of this research is twofold. One, I’ll be looking for information that could enhance the idea. And two, I’ll be looking for statistics or commentary that show that the original idea needs to be reworked.

At the outlining stage, I’ll write what you might consider a creative brief… essentially a distillation of what I’ve found during the ideation and research steps.

With a creative brief in hand, you’ll have an opportunity to see (and provide feedback on) how I envision the structure, flow, and organization of the piece.

I’ve found that when you and I take the time to reach a true consensus on the outline, the rest of the process goes very smoothly.


Drafting, Refining, and Finalizing

If you think of the outline like our roadmap, then the drafting stage is just me driving the route that we laid out in the outline. And since your readers are my passengers, my goal is to give them the most enjoyable ride possible.

For a case study, that means engaging them with a story. In a how-to post, that means giving them the information they need to do what they want to do as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Refining happens when I turn the draft over to you for feedback. As long as we truly synced up at the outlining stage, this isn’t a very involved process.

Once I’ve addressed all your questions, comments and concerns, I’ll double and triple-check the work with the help of my trusty sidekick Grammarly.


B2B Copywriting Services

Writing copy for emails, AdWords campaigns, landing pages, product brochures and direct mail is a different beast than writing long-form content. And while I’m not afraid to whip up engaging copy out of thin air for your audience, I do my best work when you help set the stage for me.

So when I write copy for you, I'll start by gathering as much information as possible through conversations with you and my own research.

I'll want to know answers to question like:

  • What problems do your customers have?
  • What problems do you (or your product) help solve for your customers?
  • What are the most common objections your customers make during the sales process?
  • How does your customer's world differ after they've purchased (and implemented) your product or service?

Regardless of where the content lives--on a landing page or a product brochure--the ad copy I write will be based on the answers to these questions and more.

Writing Specialties & Technical Skills

I've written most extensively about B2B technologies such as marketing automation and analytics tools, document management solutions, and facility management software. The audiences I write for are mainly comprised of enterprise-level tech buyers in the real estate, marketing, and healthcare industries.

I've also written quite a bit of educational content on small business finance.

I speak code, but only fluently in two languages, HTML and CSS. I also know enough Schema to markup your site properly. And I understand (and am always current with) the ever-changing state of SEO. I've spent countless hours using WordPress, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Trends, SEMRush, Divi, Cornerstone, Pardot, and Mailchimp.

Plus, having spent two years building financial models for real estate developers, I'm an Excel whiz. So when the occasion calls for it, you can also count on me to enhance your content with a chart or two.


I provide freelance B2B content writing services on-site for clients within the San Francisco Bay Area and remotely for clients nationwide.

I primarily serve East Bay and San Francisco-based businesses.

If you contact me on a weekday via phone or email—and I’m not on vacation or ill—expect a response within 24 hours.

Freelance Payment Structure

I generally charge based on the project, but will work based on an hourly fee in some cases.

I do not publish my rates on the web, but I'd be happy to provide a free quote based on your project specifications